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We have two primary focuses in how we create portfolios; first, we seek to preserve capital first and foremost. Secondly, we seek to create quality streams of income that can weather tough market conditions. Our proprietary strategies and investments help us to achieve these twin goals for each client and to give them the peace of mind to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Our Wealth Management construction philosophy focuses heavily on institutional style of investing. To us, this simply means that we utilize all available investment options in constructing a proper portfolio and we do not limit ourselves simply to stocks, bonds, cash and other investments typically sold by brokerage firms. We have a heavy bias towards income producing assets and prefer to accumulate them when we perceive that they are under value. We believe in having exit strategies for tough times and in protecting the downside risk of the stock markets. Many tools exist that help us to achieve this but most are not commonly used by the traditional broker or insurance agent as he or she typically lacks the licensing, experience or motivation to implement these higher quality (but lower paying) type strategies. Our focus is always the client first!

We believe there is no one right answer as to how to invest but that there are several wrong answers. Our goal is to steer our clients away from the wrong answers and to give them the best chance at success. Proactive tax panning, controlling of costs, aligning our investor’s interest with all managers we use and a keen focus on obtaining high quality risk adjusted returns are the four philosophies that have helped guide our clients to investment success during good and bad markets.

WE believe in a Fiduciary approach to planning and we employ a Fee based Asset Management model. This method allows our clients to pay for un-biased advice and pay fees based on the amount of assets being managed; not the products being utilized.

Conversely, many old school traditional Wall Street brokerage firms and insurance agencies are paid commissions based on what they sell each client and/or based on generating activity or trades within an account or within a fund. These non-fiduciary sales people are not even required to do what is best interest of a client as they are not fiduciaries and can SELL any product to client as long as a broad suitability standard is met. In fact, the Department of Labor has been trying to pass laws to hold these brokerage firms to a Fiduciary Standard but Wall Street has aggressively opposed this effort.

We believe most investors want an unbiased approach and want conflicts eliminated. We believe investors prefer a fee based system where there is a true alignment of interests and where their advisor is not influenced by the lure of commissions. In our model, the advisor’s income is directly tied to the growth or decline of the client’s assets, so client and advisor are always aligned. Further, our principal and most of our advisors invest in the same products and strategies that we employ for each client.

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